Aku bersembunyi di balik aksara
Dalam sajak yang kau tulis untuknya.

Termangu di balik titik koma
Berselimut tanda tanya dan kata “mengapa”.



Pretty Hurts

In our postmodern society, we have this standard of how an ideal (Indonesian) woman should look like. They have a good posture, skinny yet curvy, have a glowing, unblemished fair complexion (I have to say tho, today dark skinned beauties are getting more and more exposure in the mainstream media, beauty, and fashion industry. Yay for positive changes!), pointy nose, arched eyebrows, defined eyes, long eyelashes, deep eyelids, the list goes on and on. While some people are lucky enough to inherit such genes, most people who don’t possess such quality are seen as ‘unattractive’, and/or more commonly, ‘ugly’.

I am one of those ugly people.


Starter Makeup Kit.

Post ini dibuat untuk menjawab pertanyaan dari Nay dan Farisa (dan banyak temen-temen lain yang bakal membanjiri pertanyaan seperti ini di masa depan) karena gue males nulis berkali-kali. Berhubung ini udah malem gue jadi males fotoin sama ngeswatch produknya, jadi gue kasih recommended products aja yak. Sudah disesuaikan untung kantong orang seumuran kita.


My Take on Makeup: The Bare Minimum.

Since Ujian Nasional is finally over and I have nothing to do, I decided to finally write a post regarding my makeup. You better enjoy it.

Makeup isn’t something that I bother with every single day–I actually wear makeup pretty rarely. But when I do, I like to experiment with quite different looks (smokey eye, pin-up, Twiggy ripoff, etc). In this post, I’m going to talk about my essential makeup look for those i-kinda-want-to-put-makeup-on-but-im-too-lazy-to-do-the-full-face-of-makeup days.

And no, unfortunately, my face isn’t going to be in this post. I’m sorry for that.

All of my makeup products are drugstore products and I’m also trying to keep my makeup cruelty-free, by the way. Just a little bit info.

Let’s just get this shit done shall we?



My birthday is still in July, but whatever. I just want too many stuffs I need to list them down. So here we go. Sudah dilengkapi dengan link tempat belinya because I’m one opportunist bitch. Items marked (*) means that it’s affordable you can actually buy me those stuffs.

Beauty+fashion stuffs

  1. Kanken backpack in navy blue. My old school backpack still works but a new one won’t hurt.
  2. And this pair of shoe. 
  3. And this hoodie. The black one.
  4. This shirt.
  5. A flannel. I don’t really care which one.
  6. A black shirt long sleeve shirt.
  7. A striped shirt.
  8. The Bath Box Lotion Bar. (*)
  9. Vimala Matcha Lip Balm. (*)
  10. RealTechniques Travel Essentials.
  11. e.l.f Studio HD Powder
  12. Make Over Eyeshadow in Emperor Brown.
  13. Make Over Eyeliner Pencil in Brown Latte.
  14. LT Pro Shade and Tint Kit in 01.


  1. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.
  2. Froot.
  3. So Long, See You Tomorrow.
  4. A Different Kind of Fix.
  5. The Remains of The Day
  6. Life of Pi (*)
  7. The Joy Luck Club
  8. Fahrenheit 451 (*)
  9. White Teeth 
  10. P.S. I Still Love You
  11. All the Light We Cannot See


  1. This tumbler. 
  2. The Goods Dept gift card.
  3. Google Play gift card.

That’s it I guess. Once again, you don’t have to spend your precious precious money on me but if you do, please only buy stuffs that are present on this list. Thank.